No one could be more adept at nurturing self awareness and heart opening than Miss Be...... a valiant captain of her own storied and at times tumultuous but always brilliant life, she is the perfect guide to helping others with their personal journeys to freedom and hope through her guided journals. She has an intuition for truly, truly understanding YOU- and your journey..
- Ursula Gueringer, Sept 19th 2018

When ever I am near this being of the light I become infused with joy and excitement. I always walk away from her inspired.  This lady knows how to live and love like none I have ever met. Everyone should have seat and get comfy if she's going to teach us something about living
- Susie Sunshine Pisano LAc, Sept 24th 2018

Emmanuelle is a light of hope in this world. I've had the honor to share time with this incredibly inspiring woman. I'm very proud of her strength,  insight,  positivity,  creativity, courage and her heart full of love. She's an asset that's full of talents. I'm a huge fan! Thank you Emmanuelle for being in my life!
- Cassandra Agostinelli, Sept 24th 2018

Emmanuelle has been an amazing coach and inspiration to me! Very seldom do you meet someone who has such a big heart and so much caring while at the same time having the experience and knowledge to guide you in what you are doing.
 She does this by giving you the spiritual tools and practical day by day steps that it takes to achieve your goals. It is a pleasure and joy working with someone with such vision, incredible spirit and who will support you 100% in your journey.
- Elaine Lee, Sept 25th 2018

You were there when I fell, you were there when I got up, fell down again, and got up. Even though miles apart, I always feel your support, you've got my back dear Emmanuelle. You are on a wonderful and great journey, I can't wait to see how many hearts you will touch, how many people will be lifted (again) through your ever so gentle guidance.
 Go spread your voice my love, the world is in need of people like you. I'll keep following you, always with a smile, always grateful for knowing you, and who you are.
- Anne Marie Smit, Sept 25th 2018

Sometimes we want to escape from our reality by covering our eyes and hiding a wounded heart. When the pain is so deep we want to close down. However we’re introduced to special angels on this earth. Angels that are capable to heal and share love and light.
This introduction for me was Emmanuelle.
She removed the hands that covered my eyes. I was met with a beautiful smile, a true loving heart of encouragement. She had a serious health situation, however she remained shining her precious heart forward, believing she would one day become well. Emmanuelle strengths taught me a valuable  lesson. Her example showed me to become we must overcome. One day on the beach we had a meditation honoring our parents. It truly was no accident  we experienced uncontrollable laughter. This bliss lasted nearly 5 hours.  
At that time I knew she was a coach in the making. Our precious time  together helped me rediscover my own joy and I learn a valuable part to loving myself.  Thank you Emmanuelle for sharing your strength and light. You are a love angel in this world. You are special to many and  I’m  grateful for your encouragement and friendship.
Your energy has forever touch my soul.
Oceans of love
- Steve Ragland . Sept 29th 2018

Miss Be is a beautiful soul, full of encouragement and a very caring person. I'm so blessed to have crossed paths with this amazing Lady! I can't wait to read more of her work
- Ginger Ann, Sept 18th 2018
Emmanuelle is one of the sweetest, kindest beings I've ever met in my life. She is incredibly encouraging, extraordinarily wise and gentle, and has insight that reaches the depths of the soul.
 Her lovingness allows anyone to open up in ways they previously did not know how. Anyone in her presence will feel the healing energy of her being. Emmanuelle is a healing presence on the planet, for sure.
- Gemini Ferrie, Sept 26th 2018
Emmanuelle is a reservoir of strength and hope that inspires the people she meets. Her open heart and loving kindness shines the light into any darkness. Emboding health and spiritual growth Emmanuel is a blessing to have as a role model in our community. Miss Be Press offers her voice as both warm comfort and  gentle guide.
- Renee Hope, Sept 18th 2018
A deep and profound sisterhood ignited right when Emmanuelle and I met... I've been blessed to be a witness on her journey of healing and so inspired by her strength and commitment to self even in the most turbulent of times. Her devotion to the beauty way and faith of the higher power that is always within us to access, is a gift she shares readily. Her embarking on this path to be of service to other women is truly such a fit and a beautiful offering! 💫💖💫 I look forward to the unfolding!.
- Karla Dee, Sept 26th 2018
My wild & beautiful friend is describing her self awareness with her beautiful words.
 Inner healing and inception.
 Let's be wise.
 Love you my Emmanuelle
- Caroline Lotus, Sept 03rd 2018
Emmanuelle puts her heart and soul into all of her creations.  She is dedicated to the path of living an amazing life.  Her own triumph over life's challenges gives her a depth of timeless wisdom to be a light and way shower in these times of need.
- Donica Tomko, Sept 30th 2018

No one can ever take your place.
Your place is in your heart

Trust your gut
Write the book of your life!

Miss Be ...

French-born Emmanuelle Blanc aka Miss Be wears many hats: author, fashion designer, wellness/business coach, photographer, entrepreneur, model—and survivor.
She spent many years in the world of fashion as a designer, blogger, and consultant. 
As the founder of Miss Be clothing since 1999, Emmanuelle owned eight boutiques across the world, and her designs can be seen in Vogue and many other renowned fashion magazines. 
She is co-author of the detective book, "Merci pour le scoop" in 1996 in Paris, France published by Hatier Editions. Starting in 2003, Emmanuelle was faced with a series of family illnesses and losses due to cancer. 
In 2017, she found herself in a similar healing crisis. Through alternative treatments and the use of natural medicine, Emmanuelle conquered her illness, and now thrives as an advocate for natural medicine, health, and wellness for body, mind, and spirit. 
Emmanuelle’s own life experiences and healing journey have given her keen insight into what women need to live a healthy and harmonious life. She embodies a deep knowing that healing and self-love require inspired action and the commitment to change. Emmanuelle’s passion, joy, and ‘think outside the box” attitude can be seen in her latest artwork, books, and journals that will inspire you to harness your inner wisdom, power, and strength—so you can connect with the deepest parts of yourself and shine light on those parts yet to be re-membered and integrated. Empower yourself with Emmanuelle’s infectious positive energy! With her beautiful tools for contemplation and self-development, you, too, can pursue your passions from a place of truth and non-judgment. 
Emmanuelle is currently based in Maui while she writes her memoir. 
Her latest publication, “Voyage of Discovery: Reclaim Your Inner Healer and Step onto the Path of Self-Awareness" will be available on Amazon in the fall 2018.

Reclaim Your Inner SUPERWOMAN.

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Coming soon ...

"Voyage of Discovery: Reclaim Your Inner Healer and Step onto the Path of Self-Awareness" by Emmanuelle Blanc offers a beautiful journey for any woman on the path of self awareness. This black and white illustrated journal will uplift you as you reconnect to your inner healer and artist. Filled with beautiful photography by the author, this journal is designed to help you navigate your inner terrain so you can solve life’s challenges with simple tools and instant action. Full of activities such as mantras, coloring pages, insightful quotes, gratitude rituals, and personal development practices, you’ll deepen into self love and wholeness so that you can create what you want in your life with ease, grace, and a positive mindset. With the Voyage of Discovery Journal, you’ll be inspired and empowered to heal all areas of your life, from the inside out!